Actress Samantha is one of the leading actresses of South Indian cinema. Be it Kollywood or Tollywood, the actress is rocking a rising career in both the industries. She is well-known for her bold and outspoken personality.

Many times in the past, Samantha has lashed out against netizens or fans who have crossed their limits. When netizens pressured the actress to share news about her pregnancy, Samantha retaliated and posted the exact date her 'imaginary child' will be born. On another occasion, Samantha warned a fan who tried to film her while visiting a temple.

Recently, one of her pictures in a yoga pose became a sensation online. Meme creators got creative my using her photo, and here are some of them:

Reacting to the memes, Samantha reposted one of the memes on her Instagram story and said, "When you laugh at others, you should be able to laugh at yourself."

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Ragalahari