Bigg Boss Vanitha is popularly known to be a controversial figure even before her entry into the show. She had public feuds with her family members and has been estranged from them for years. She has a son, Vijay Sri Hari who she hasn't met in years and he stays with her ex-husband, TV star Akash.

While on the show, Vanitha revealed how it's difficult to be a single woman and mother in society and raise her daughters without a support system.

According to her, the tough and fierce exterior she portrays acts like a barrier to shun all the negative people and energy that comes her way. She also dropped hints of reconciliation with her family if they are willing to mend the relationship.

On Nov 19, Vanitha shocked netizens with birthday wishes to her elder step-brother actor Arun Vijay on Twitter, and openly stated her desire to get together with her family if they are open to the idea. She even pinned the tweet. Take a look at the tweet:

Do you think Vanitha's family will finally have a reunion with her, leaving behind all their public disputes and court cases that have been rocking their lives for years? She might be a changed woman now, considering how Bigg Boss has altered her perspectives and behaviour with people. Let us know in the comments!

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Cinema Express, Suryan FM & Deccan Chronicle