Aari is one of the Bigg Boss contestants with huge support since the beginning of the show, and his name has been trending on social media every day.
If anyone fights or clashes with Aari, the contestant will usually be evicted from the show in the upcoming week. As the show is nearing its end, netizens are wondering who will become the title winner.

In a recent poll, it has been revealed that Aari received the highest number of votes. He's ahead of Balaji, Rio, Ramya and the others with over 1 lakh of votes out of 1.24 lakhs of registered votes.

Balaji and Rio fall second with 11% of the votes, while Ramya receives 5%. The rest secured 3% of votes each. Based on the polling results, Aari appears to be the title winner this season, however anything can happen.

In the previous seasons, the tides changed towards the end and led to unexpected results. Let's just wait and watch!

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