Bigg Boss Suresh Chakravarthy left the show via elimination last week. Fans are already feeling the void after his exit. Even Bigg Boss S4 contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar raised the concern in a recent LIVE chat with Suresh.

"I feel like the fans only feel or value us in our absence. With your exit, we feel like it's a bigg loss for Bigg Boss 4, based on the feedback on social media. Fans feel like the 'oomph factor' is missing after you left," Vanitha told Suresh.

Suresh strongly disagreed. He said Bigg Boss is not about one person, but an entity which involves many people. But, if the show creators want him back, he would be pleased to oblige as per the contract and resume his game in the show.

Vanitha also mentioned that she's his fan to which he jokingly said, "Why are you lying?"

Suresh feels that his presence in Bigg Boss S4 is not the only element that made the show interesting, and everyone else contributed as well.

Suresh and Vanitha also talk about the other contestants in this video. Check it out:

Source: Galatta
Photo Credit: T4C & Galatta