Ever since Abhirami left the Bigg Boss 3 house, she has been only sharing positive vibes with her fans online. She visited her fellow contestant Sandy's wife and daughter, interacted with fans, took selfies and was generally seen happy on her Instagram stories and posts.

However, Abhirami's happy times didn't last long. On her official Instagram handle, she shared an angry video reporting a YouTube channel called 'Tamil Speedy' because of their misleading title and content.

The video posted by the channel falsely accuses Abhirami of stating 'Madhumitha Made Fake Popularity', which is completely untrue because Abhirami didn't even give out any interviews to the channel. Here's what the she said in the video:

The budding star is seeking for her fans' help to report the channel. It's important to not trust anything that you find online. Stories and news about Bigg Boss have been conveniently fabricated by some news media or channels to ride on its popularity.

Always trust and share only the confirmed news from Vijay TV.

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Source: Abhirami Instagram