Tharshan and Sanam Shetty used to be lovers and they even got engaged before Tharshan's entry into Bigg Boss S3. However, after the show Tharshan refused to marry Sanam and she filed a case against him in the court. The issue is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Sanam participated in Bigg Boss S4 and become one of the most-loved contestants of the season. Despite being eliminated from the show, Sanam continued to shine on social media with her bold and optimistic personality.

Recently, Tharshan spoke about Sanam in am interview during his movie launch. According to Indiaglitz, Tharshan stated that though his relationship with Sanam is over and he is not interested in speaking anything about their issues, he appreciated her gameplay in 'Bigg Boss 4' with 'all his heart'.

"I wish all the very best in her future endeavors," he added.

It was shocking for some netizens to find Tharshan talking about Sanam without much hesitation. Perhaps, things are finally settling down between the ex-couple.

Source: Indiaglitz