The Bigg Boss contestants recently got a glimpse of the reality when their family members visited the house and gave them hints.

The housemates got shocked to realise the popularity Aari has among the viewers.

Now in the weekend episode with Kamal, the housemates got another clue regarding the viewers' perception during a segment with the weekly caller.

The weekly caller picked Ramya this time and enquired why is she talking behind the housemate's back instead of confronting them face to face like Aari.

This question further shocked the housemates and Ramya even struggled to answer the question.

But later, Shivani, Ramya and Rio discussed regarding the caller's question and realises that Aari is seen as a straightforward person, contrary to the housemates' perception towards him.

Now some viewers are pointing out that Ramya has the habit of talking behind other's back and she is the one who even labelled that Shivani is going after Bala: