Kajal Pasupathi, who started her career as a video jockey, is quite well-known among Bigg Boss fans who have been following the show since the first season.

Kajal joined Bigg Boss S1 as a wildcard entry in mid season and managed to stay in the house for over two weeks.

Kaajal and Bigg Boss S3 contestant Sandy met each other during the first season of Maanada Mayilada, a dance reality show. The couple started dating and tied the knot in 2008.

However, their relationship hit the rocks and the couple divorced several years later.

In an interview, Kaajal admitted she fell madly in love with Sandy because of his sense of humour, but her 'love torture' and possessiveness caused their relationship to fail.

"I tortured him for the unconditional love I had for him. And he left me for showing him love. Our relationship failed because of both of us," she says.

After the couple split, Sandy got married to his longtime girlfriend many years later, and the couple has now been blessed with an adorable baby girl. Kaajal and Sandy are still in good terms and she even visited Sandy's wife and kids.

Kaajal is excited as Sandy has entered the third season of the reality show and is showing her support to her ex-husband. Check out her recent interview here: