Sameera Reddy recently gave birth to a baby girl and introduced the world to the infant's tiny hand.

The actress is obviously excited about the latest member in her family but she made a curious comment about the baby's skin colour during an interview with an online news portal about her newborn. She said, "She hasn't come out dusky like me. She is fair and lovely."

It's a very curious thing for a mother to say that especially since she had launched a body positivity campaign during her pregnancy as she felt society puts too much pressure on women to look a certain way, including skin colour.

Sameera has also revealed that they have not decided on a name yet and would be following the Raashi system to find a suitable name for the baby girl. This is Sameera and Akshai's second child; they already have a three-year-old son named Hans Varde.

During her first pregnancy, Sameera plunged into depression because she put on a lot of weight and underwent therapy to get out of it. However, this time around, she was all about accepting herself the way she is and being unafraid of being judged.

In a no make-up video shared on her Instagram account, she says, "I was so, so hard on myself for the way I looked. But you know what? Let's enhance what we have, not cover it up. Our so-called flaws. Because every body is beautiful. Any shape, any size or any colour. I choose acceptance, I choose positivity and most importantly, I choose myself...self-love. We are all imperfectly perfect."

Sameera has been promoting body positivity throughout her pregnancy. Recently, she shared a series of pictures of herself showing off her baby bump in a bikini. "I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the bump in my 9th month. At a time when we feel the most vulnerable, tired, scared, excited and at our biggest and most beautiful!" she wrote.

"I look forward to sharing it with you guys and I know the positivity will resonate because we all are at different phases of our lives with unique sizes and we need to love and accept ourselves at every level," she added.

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Article Source: MSN
Photo Credit: Onmanorama