Nayanthara is undeniably one of the most celebrated actresses of K-town. As the 'Lady Superstar' of Tamil cinema, the actress has captured the hearts of her fans on many occasions.

Be it at an award show or her travel pictures with beau director Vignesh Shivn. Every video or photo that shows a glimpse into the life of the actress goes viral!

This time around, a video of Nayanthara bargaining with a street vendor to buy a bag has been making rounds on social media. Nayan fans are impressed to see the actress in a simple attire while she casually haggles with the vendor for the bag.

The video is seen as a testament to Nayanthara's humility and simplicity despite being a huge and rich star down South. Check out the viral clip here:
Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: SUN TV & Akhil Nayans