Actress Roshini, known for her role in the film "Guna," has remained elusive from the public eye following her debut.

Despite efforts to trace her whereabouts, including inquiries from the "Guna" team, her current location remains unknown. It is speculated that Roshini chose to retire from acting after encountering challenges in the industry and opting not to pursue further opportunities.

However, her brief appearance in the successful film "Manjummel Boys" has brought her back into the spotlight, showcasing the enduring influence of cinema.

Previously, Bayilvan Ranganathan is a supporting actor who's played villain roles mostly in his decades' old career, and recently, the actor has been talking about lots of unheard stories of Kollywood.

In the video, Ranganathan revealed some secrets about the alleged love lives of top stars of Tamil cinema like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, and Ajith.

Ranganathan called Kamal Haasan 'Kathal Ilavarasan' (Prince of Love) and claimed that he lived up to the name. According to the stunt master, Kamal has been in love with many women throughout his acting career.

Starting from his first love with legendary actress Srividya to his most recent link-up with Pooja Kumar, Ranganathan briefly illustrated Kamal's relationship timeline in this video. Check it out:

Interestingly, Ranganathan also alleged that Gunaa actress Roshini left the film industry because of Kamal Haasan. Despite being recognized for her good looks and performance in the film, Roshini didn't appear in any other Tamil film and completely vanished from the industry.

According to Ranganathan, Roshini left the cinema after shooting with Kamal Haasan in Kodaikanal for Gunaa and alleged that something happened there because of Kamal Haasan.

Roshini’s role, from screen to eternity. One film can leave a lasting legacy in the world of cinema!

Source: Thandora Voice
Photo Credit: Cinema Express & India Today, Cafe Codiac