Devayani is a South Indian actress who's started her career in a Bollywood movie. However, the actress got the recognition she deserved in Kollywood where she was honoured with several awards for her acting skills.

The actress fell in love with her now-husband director Rajakumaran in the sets of 'Vinukkum Mannukkum'.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she met her husband during the shoot of 'Suryavamsam' in which he worked as an assistant director. They became good friends, and she acted in two of his movies once he turned into a director.

Meanwhile, her husband revealed that he saw the actress's 10-year old picture once. He claimed that's the exact moment he fell in love with her.

"After we fell in love, we got married hastily as our parents opposed our marriage. We eloped and got married in Thiruthani in 2001, while our families were searching for us at Thirupathi," recalled the actress.

"Even Devayani didn't know the location of our marriage. I kept it as a secret from her," said the director.

The couple has two adorable daughters now. Check out their interview here: