Former actress Vijayalakshmi has been facing many troubles ever since she lodged a police complaint against director-turned-politician Seeman.

She accused him of cheating her with the promise of marriage and believing his promises, she has been living with him for years.

However, the complaint was retracted following constant pressure from his supporters. Vijayalakshmi is not ready to give up without getting her justice.

In a recent video, she admitted that the media and Seeman's supporters are spoiling her name in Tamil Nadu and people from the cinema industry are avoiding her because of that.

While it saddens her that things have turned soar with Seeman and forced her to release one of their intimate videos, Vijayalakshmi explained that she's left with no choice to clear her name. Here's the video she leaked:

If you want to hear her full explanation as to why she made this shocking move, take a look at this video:

Source: Twitter & Youtube