Amid the captivating drama unfolding in Bigg Boss Season 7, actors Harish Kalyan and Indhuja made a guest appearance earlier this month to promote their upcoming movie, 'Parking'.

However, an unexpected twist emerged when contestant Poornima expressed her disappointment, revealing that Indhuja, her supposed best friend from college, avoided her during their visit to the Bigg Boss house.

Addressing the brewing controversy, Indhuja recently broke her silence during a press meet for the movie 'Parking'. She clarified the situation, stating, "We visited the Bigg Boss house to promote the movie 'Parking,' and the Bigg Boss management provided us with specific instructions." Indhuja revealed that she was instructed not to show favouritism towards any contestant, and as a result, she treated everyone equally without singling out any contestant for special attention.

Indhuja further explained her relationship with Poornima, saying, "Poornima was my best friend in college. Although we only talk once every two years for the past decade, she is a good girl, and I believe she is playing the game well. I treated her like any other contestant as per the instructions given by the Bigg Boss management. If she makes a few changes, her game could be even better."

This clarification sheds light on the circumstances surrounding Indhuja's behaviour during the Bigg Boss house visit, emphasising the adherence to guidelines provided by the show's management, and highlighting the actress's unbiased approach to all contestants.

Source / Image Credit : Bigg Boss Season 7 Tamil Twitter / IndianGlitz, X