Sripriya is a veteran actress who joined the movie industry in the 70s and played leading roles till the mid-80s.

The award-winning actress has worked on Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi language films, pairing-up with leading heroes in the movie industry.

After the mid-80s, the actress started playing supporting roles, turned into a director, and joined TV serials.

Sripriya who got married to actor Rajkumar in 1988, has two children named Sneha and Nagarjun.

Sneha who turned 31 this year is currently practicing law in London. While many directors have approached her, offering her opportunities to become a leading actress in the industry, Sneha has refused by saying that her dream is to become a famous lawyer in India one day.

Besides law, Sneha also has a food blog called 'More Than A Leaf' - where she posts about healthy vegetarian food.