Vanitha Vijayakumar is a former actress and a famous TV personality who made a strong comeback to the industry via Bigg Boss S3 and Cooku With Comali S1.

Even though Vanitha received negative feedback during her stay in the Bigg Boss show, she gained many loyal followers when she joined Cooku With Comali and ended up winning the title.

But now Vanitha has again become the talk of the town when she recently married Peter Paul, who is still legally married to another person.

Following their marriage, Peter's first wife has lodged a complaint and demanded Vanitha to leave her family alone.

In the midst of this, Vanitha's former boyfriend Master Robert gave several interviews regarding this issue.

In the interview, Robert reveals that they produced a movie together and was dating each other at the same time.

He also admits that he tattooed Vanitha's name on his arm, but just weeks after that they started having misunderstandings and broke up for good. Since his tattoo was still new at that time, he easily got it covered-up.

According to him, their problems started when Vanitha made an announcement that they are getting married, without discussing anything with him. But later they claim it to be nothing but their movie promo.

It was also rumoured that Robert was already married at that time and refused to divorce his wife.

Source: Cineulagam