Thalapathu Vijay is a famous Kollywood celebrity who has his own following of loyal fans around the world. While his recent movies became a superhit and most make it to the 100 crore club, one of his previous movies failed at the box office and garnered negative reviews by moviegoers.

'Sura' had a very high expectation among his fans because it was Vijay's 50th movie as a hero in the industry. Thus everyone, including Vijay was hoping for a successful movie.

The movie directed by SP Rajkumar was released a decade ago and had Tamanna pairing-up with Vijay. However, the poor storyline and over-exaggerated scenes led the movie to be one of the worst in Vijay's career.

Recently, the director revealed what really caused the movie to fail. In an interview, he mentioned that the real reason for the failure was people's mentality.

"The movie was praised by many in Malaysia and other countries, but it only fared a negative review in India. Even Vijay was happy with the outcome when he watched the movie," revealed the director.

He further added that Dev Gil was the reason for the flop. He claimed that Dev Gil didn't live up to his expectation when he played the villain in the movie; thus the movie would have been successful if he had someone else playing the antagonist role.

Source: Zoom TV Entertainment and Cineulagam