Apart from his incredible acting prowess and powerful screen presence, Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi has always captured the hearts of many with his humble and helpful nature.

Earlier today (4 Apr), a veteran entertainment journalist, writer and poet Nellai Bharathi passed away at his residence after battling a long-term illness. The journalist's family and friends visited his house to pay their last respects.

Despite the strict lockdown order in India, Vijay Sethupathi hurried to Nellai Bharathi's residence and comforted the family for their loss. He also helped them by providing money to manage funeral expenses.

Vijay Sethupathi's kind gesture has moved the netizens and many are showering praises on the Makkal Selvan.

However, some netizens continued to remind everyone that staying at home is necessary regardless of any emergency. India is facing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and staying at home during the lockdown is the most effective way to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading.

Please stay home and help save the world.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Newsable, Times of India & Pinterest