Remember Nithya and Balaji, the estranged couple from Bigg Boss 2? They were entangled in multiple controversies even before the show but hinted at reconciliation while talking to host Kamal Haasan for the sake of their only daughter Poshika.

However, after Bigg Boss 2, the pair started blaming one another in interviews and they have been separated since then. Balaji recently joined 'Bigg Boss Ultimate,' which is running on the India's OTT Platform Disney + Hotstar and he has claimed that he misses his daughter Poshika and has criticized Nithya.

"Balaji is making my character look really terrible," Nithya said in an Instagram live stream with Poshika.

"I also have the audio of my Balaji's abusive statements against my daughter in a drunken state. If he talks like this again, I'll start uploading the evidence on YouTube. You could believe I'm doing this to get more views, but that's not the case. If he tarnishes my reputation, I will not give u," Nithya continued.

The star also added that she's willing to participate in the ongoing Bigg Boss Ultimate as a wildcard entry to bash Balaji on-air.

"He's appearing to be distressed by his daughter's separation to get an edge in court," she claimed.

Their daughter sided with Nithya by proclaiming that Balaji's actions are to gain media attention. "I'm old enough to see what's good and what's bad," she said on Instagram live.

Nithya is being slammed on social media for permitting her young daughter to join the live session by netizens who accused her of staging a PR stunt to appear on Bigg Boss Ultimate.

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