Vanitha Vijayakumar is synonymous with controversies as most of her adult life was engulfed with scandals, public family disputes and custody battles after her divorces.

Bigg Boss 3 played a huge role in unraveling her caring and motherly nature and got her a steady fan following. It also helped to slowly alter the public's perception of her.

After exiting the Bigg Boss show, Vanitha has been trying to get back to her family. Vanitha comes from Kollywood's famous Vijayakumar and Manjula family. Vijayakumar is a veteran supporting actor while Manjula played heroine to the likes of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan. Both her parents were big stars back in their days and her stepbrother Arun Vijay is also an actor now.

Bigg Boss Vanitha got estranged from her family and son Vijay Srihari from her first marriage years ago due to a family dispute. Now, she lives with her two lovely daughters who came to the Bigg Boss house during the 'Freeze Task'.

However, Vanitha constantly longs for her son whom she hasn't met or even spoken to in years. She's pleading her family to accept her and allow her to get in touch with her son.

Recently, Vanitha shared the picture of her son on Twitter, sparking questions from netizens if the mother and son have already met after all these years. While Vanitha hasn't responded to their queries, judging from her caption, we can expect to see their reunion soon. Take a look at the tweet here:

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Art Pictures & Pinterest