Bigg Boss S4 is approaching its final week soon and the contestants are competing in the 'Ticket to Finale' tasks to secure a spot as the finalist.

Everyone in the Bigg Boss house have been nominated and netizens are speculating double evictions this weekend. Aari's fans are pretty confident that the actor will become the champion this time around and judging from the unofficial polling, they are not wrong.

On the other hand, Suresh Chakravarthy was one of the toughest contestants in the initial weeks of the show, but shockingly was eliminated. He had many fights with Anitha, Archana and Sanam during his stay.

In a recent Instagram LIVE interaction with fans, Suresh revealed that the pressure of being in the Bigg Boss house brings the worst out of everyone.

"I can't even watch the first two interviews I gave after leaving the show. Only after a week, I was back to normal. Sometimes we wonder why we behaved in such way," Suresh said.

Suresh also shared that despite locking horns with some of the contestants in the house, they are all friends now.

"The house does that to you. I'm in touch with everyone including Archana and Sanam. I speak to Rekha ma'am every other day. We are all friends and don't hold any grudges," he added.

He also said that there's no such thing as who he likes or dislikes on the show. It's unfair to judge someone based on the show.

Well, this explains why the contestants were able to interact without any conflicts during celebrations in previous seasons.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: The Wiki Feed & Behindwoods