The filming of "Garjanai" began in 2017 and it was said to be the remake of Anushka Sharma's Hindi film "NH 10", with Trisha playing the role of Anushka and TV star Amit Bhargav as the male lead.

So as common in filmmaking, the project had encountered some difficulties and was been delayed for several years but the wait is over!

"Garjanai" is now all set to be released in August. Directed by newcomer Sundar Balu, he has nothing but praises for Trisha and said that she shot all her action sequences herself without a body double.

Apparently, the entire film happens on one night and is very eventful. Sundar explained, "There are quite a few high-octane stunts and Trisha was keen to do them all without a body double. In fact, her introduction will commence with a fight sequence, where she has to dive and jump on a glass pane. There are several action blocks but they are choreographed in such a way that they will be believable and not over-the-top. She uses her brain to overcome obstacles."

Wow, they really want to start the film with a bang, it seems.

"The movie was mostly shot at night. It rained heavily the day before we landed in Kodaikanal, and although the rains stopped, the place was full of leeches. However, since the shooting had already commenced, she was ready to shoot without even complaining. There were even times when she was badly hurt, but she did not flinch one bit".

"The story of 'Garjanai' is apt for any action hero. However these days, women are doing what men are, even in terms of heavy-duty action sequences. In that sense, I would say Trisha has done a fabulous job. She has the right kind of fit body and an attitude that was perfect for her character". Further elaborating Trisha's role, Sundar says, "Trisha plays Madhu, a Western dancer who goes to Kodaikanal along with her boyfriend Amit Bhargav and gets caught in a tense situation. How she gets out of this is the story all about".

Speaking about the delay, he said "It is quite sad that the film saw a huge delay. But I am glad that the film will be hitting the screens soon. These delays happen... and it is usually a production delay. We finished the film in a record 27 days in 2017, and wrapped up the CG work by early 2018. All of us were excited about the project as we had put in a lot of work. Trisha did special stunt training as the film is an out-and-out action subject. She did all the stunts by herself and they are realistic action sequences. So, obviously, we were all looking forward to it. And we are only happy that the film will hit the screens in August."

But when asked if the delay in release will hamper the buzz and Sundar optimistically replied, "Not really. After Trisha's success with 96, I am sure her fans are looking forward to this film. It is a heroine-oriented subject and I am certain that the film has a buzz even now."

Article Source: Times of India
Photo source: Pinkvilla