Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and actor Vishal have been friends for a very long time and were even rumoured to be ex-lovers.

Despite the public conflict between Actor Vishal and her dad Sarathkumar, both Vishal and Varalaxmi were still in good terms.

However, the former friends parted ways recently when Vishal released an election campaign video featuring Varalaxmi's dad, who was not even part of the Nadigar Sanggam election this time.

Following that, Varalaxmi took social media to express her disappointment over Vishal's actions by saying, "You've stooped so low and have lost my vote."

Vishal is now engaged to actress Alisha Alla and the couple will be tying the knot this year upon the completion of the Nadigar Sanggam's building.

In a recent interview, Varalaxmi revealed that despite their misunderstandings, she will still attend actor Vishal's wedding if she's invited.

When asked if their relationship is back to normal, she calmly answers, "We are existing in our own space and there's no relationship between us in the first place."

Watch her interview here: