Actor and dermatologist Sethuraman's death on Mar 26, 2020, came as a shock to everyone. Fondly known as 'Dr. Sethu', he was only 35 years old and died due to cardiac arrest. His fans loved him in his debut film 'Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya'.

The Chennai-based doctor is a close friend of popular comedian Santhanam and has appeared in three other Tamil films after his first film. Many Kollywood celebrities frequently consult him at the 'Zi Clinic'.

He was survived by his wife Umayal and daughter Sahana. The fact that Umayaal was pregnant with their second child at the time of his demise made the incident even more heart-breaking.

Recently, Umayal gave birth to a baby boy and his family is overjoyed. They are celebrating the baby as the return of Dr Sethuraman himself.

Weeks after his passing, his wife Umayal created an Instagram account to share his message of love and positivity to his fans. In her most recent post, she shared a love letter written before their marriage. Check it out:

Remembering my words in the first 100 days of knowing you Now .... it’s been 100 days without talking to you Without seeing your smile Without sensing your touch Without hearing your voice Is HARD ... yes Really HARD But for sure god must have taken you to a better place ... filled with positivity Wish you had taken us too with you like you always do ... May be we aren’t as special as you to GOD .. This day I tell myself that I will try to do all that you wanted to do here in your physical absence . Your dreams are not half done .. Your vision will only multiply ZI CLINIC is our first baby Will grow it into a place where your presence will be felt each day to everyone who steps in ... I see you in Sahana everyday .... she is just a replica of your smile .... she will miss a loving father but I am sure I have lots of memories to show her that she was loved more than anyone in this world . Be happy in your world !!! We are blessed to have spent quality time with you every minute in the last 4 years . I will keep writing to you just so you know and won’t worry about us . We want your SOUL to be HAPPY Love ? Uma Sethuraman Sahana Sethuraman

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Umayaal also wrote a touching caption for Dr. Sethu. Our best wishes for the family and we hope she will stay strong with the support of her family and his fans.

Source: Instagram