Bigg Boss fame Yashika Anand was involved in a fatal car crash with her friends and lost her best friend Pavani in the devastating accident that happened months back.

Yashika who sustained multiple injuries from the accident had to go through several operations and stay bedridden for months due to the severity of her injuries. Now almost five months after the tragic accident, the actress has finally started walking.

Yashika who's lost her best friend in the accident opened about her struggle in Vijay TV's New Year show 'Where Is The Party'. She revealed that she had to be dependent on others completely and further talked about her mistake which caused her friend's life. After recovering from her accident, Yashika has been very vocal about the incident and even visited the tragic spot to thank the people who saved her life.

Now in her recent social media post, the actress recalls that she had her very first movie debut on this day five years back, and how her friend stayed by her side supporting. Check out her posts here: