It is reported that actress Yashika Anand who was admitted to a private hospital has sustained multiple fractures after her tragic car crash. While one of her friends died on the spot, the rest were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Now some of the witnesses who came forward to help during the incident revealed that the group were driving under the influence of alcohol. However, police have now confirmed that there was no intoxication found.

"Only three people were inside the car when we first helped them, and their friends who came behind in different cars took them to the hospital. They were rushing to leave the accident spot," said one of the witnesses.

They further confessed that Pavani could have been saved if she had worn the seatbelt.

"After almost an hour, we discovered the fourth person in a pit nearby. She was thrown out of the car and was still alive when we found her. If only she was found earlier, she would have been alive now," said another person.

Check out what the witnesses revealed about the shocking accident: