Actress Kiran Rathore debuted in Tamil as the peppy and carefree college girl Manisha in 'Gemini'. The film was a blockbuster hit in 2002 and Kiran went on to star with some of the biggest stars like Ajith and Kamal Hassan after her first film's success.

The actress was seen as the embodiment of glamour and it was probably the reason why she was offered similar roles in films. After 2010, Kiran received lesser film offers and appeared in guest roles. Her most recent project is Santhanam's 'Server Sundram'.

Despite her absence from mainstream films, Kiran is active on social media and often gives her fans a flash into her life. In a recent tweet, Kiran revealed that she's still single and humorously invites her fans to change her relationship status if they wish. Here's the tweet:

The actress turned 39 on Jan 11 this year. She's also the cousin of former Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon.

Source: Twitter & Facebook