Before Bigg Boss 3, Vanitha Vijayakumar's life was on public display as she was embroiled in a family dispute with her family and ex-husband.

Till today, Vanitha hasn't reunited with her only son Hari because of the issue. Following the highly-publicized ordeal, Vanitha's family cut all ties with her and she has been raising her daughters as a single mother.

It's been over a decade and things haven't really changed much. Vanitha's mother has passed away and the Vijayakumar family continues to avoid Vanitha.

After her Bigg Boss entry, Vanitha changed herself for the better in many ways and netizens loved her frank behavior and boldness. The actress-turned-director is enjoying her new-found fame, however, she misses her family dearly. Seeing her family's pictures on social media makes her heart yearn for their love and presence.

In a recent interview with Vikatan TV, Vanitha revealed that she has sent messages to every one of her family members years before, apologising and asking to reunite with them. But, no one replied and that left Vanitha devastated. She's getting the silent treatment from her entire family, including son Hari.

"Silence is not the remedy. We are all human beings. Action and reaction are required. It's not fair if they don't react at all," Vanitha broke down.

She shared her thoughts and feelings to her sisters Preeta and Sridevi through the interview and admitted that she's heartbroken that her sisters didn't stand by her at her most difficult times as she did for them.

She also appealed to her father to step up and understand her and why she did what she did. All she wants is a reaction, whether they want to scold or even hit her. Vanitha is ready for anything as long as they speak to her.

Catch her full emotional interview here:

Just weeks before this interview, Vanitha tweeted a birthday wish for her step-brother actor Arun Vijay and pinned it to the top of her Twitter handle. However, the actor didn't respond.

She is trying to reach out to her family through every outlet at her disposal and will they respond to her cries?

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Source: Vikatan TV
Photo Credit: Gulte, Chennai Memes & New Indian Express