Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul's marriage during the lockdown became one of the most controversial topics in Kollywood after Peter's first wife revealed that she's still legally married to him.

Recently, rumors of Vanitha chasing her husband out of the house started making rounds. Responding to the rumor, Vanitha posted an explanation on her social media. Through her post, Vanitha was hinting at a breakup with her husband, Peter Paul.

Shortly after, Vanitha posted a lengthy video explaining what happened throughout her courtship with Peter Paul. She explained that the video is for the sake of her well-wishers.

In the video, Vanitha admitted that the Christian wedding ceremony conducted at her house before was merely an engagement, and they were waiting for Peter to be legally divorced. She fondly recollected the good times they had and expressed her shock and hurt at the way he's behaving.

She revealed that Peter Paul is addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol. He hasn't been home for days, and she's still actively looking for him.

Towards the end of the video, Vanitha said she won't get between Peter Paul and his legal wife Elizabeth.

"I came in the middle and I'll leave in the middle. I've seen many things in life. I'm strong enough and I'll face this for the sake of my children," Vanitha added.

Watch the full video here:

We hope the Bigg Boss star will be back on her feet soon enough. Take care Vanitha!

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Little Talks & Instagram