Are you frustrated with your Astro connection being disrupted by bad weather?

This may soon be a thing of the past as Astro has rolled an update on its new Ultra Box, which allows you to continue watching your favourite programme when the satellite service is not available.

In order for the Continuous Viewing feature to work, your Ultra Box must be connected to your home's Wifi, which must have a speed of at least 30Mbps. This is so that you can enjoy optimal viewing experience while switching from live satellite TV to internet streaming.

The feature is also set to roll out for the Ulti Box soon, Astro said.

According to the official video released on the feature, the viewer just has to press the OK button on the remote when they see the error message, and the switchover will take place in under a minute.

Viewers are also given the option to play the programme they are watching from the beginning so that they won't miss any action. They can then switch back to Live TV mode once the satellite connection is restored.

Watch the embedded video below to see how the Continuous Viewing feature works: