Remember a time when the Bigg Boss S3 house stood witness to young lovers Kavin and Losliya, who were inseparable? But their short-lived love story hit a rough patch when Losliya's father strictly forbade the relationship.

Losliya's father openly showed his dissatisfaction when he met his daughter Losliya after many years on the show during the 'Freeze Task'.

After Bigg Boss, fans were eager to find out about Kavin and Losliya's relationship status. The stars refrained from speaking about each other and chose to stay away. They were last spotted attending the Bigg Boss S4 after-party but didn't take any pictures together.

While both the stars are busy with their respective careers, fans never stopped hoping for the ex-lovers to rekindle their relationship again. So, when Kavin posted a sad status on his feed, fans became worried.

Take a look:

A post shared by Kavin M (@kavin.0431)

Judging from the post, it seems like Kavin parted ways with someone special and many of his fans is speculating that it might be Losliya. Worried about his emotional health, Kavin's fans are pouring in with words of support on social media. Even Bigg Boss Archana commented that Kavin deserves nothing but the best.

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Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Tamil Mithran & Losliya Fans Msia