The most awaited freeze task is here in Bigg Boss, and it's going to be an emotional ride this week as the contestants will be reunited with their family members for a short period after months of separation.

The first to enter the house was Bigg Boss Shivani's mom who showed her frustration to her daughter for failing to make use of the opportunity she got.

The contestants got a glimpse of the reality as she praised Aari for playing a very good game, and also appreciated Gabby.

However, she ignored Bala completely and did not even utter a single word.

"If you want to stay within your comfort zone, just stay at home, you don't need Bigg Boss. So many people struggle to this opportunity and you wasted it all by going after Balaji," scolded her mom.

She further questioned: "You can dance once you've woke up. You don't need to wake Balaji up, feed him and repeat his ideas in nomination. You don't have a mind of your own?"

Many took social media to show their support to the mother who wants to bring her child to the right path. Meanwhile, some spoke against her for handling the situation harshly.

Some also pointed out that the housemates behave inappropriately by eavesdropping to their conversation even though her mom asked for a personal space to discuss.

Now viewers took social media to express that Shivani's mom has given more content for the show in several minutes compared to what Shivani has done in 80 days.