The recent attacks in Delhi have injured many and caused the death of over 20 people. Besides the public, many media personnel were also attacked, and residents have started leaving the place due to safety concerns.

In regards to the current political situation in Delhi - Kabali and Kaala director Pa Ranjith has tweeted his stand against fascism.

Pa Ranjith who is well-known to include caste-based elements in his movies, made the headlines previously when he gave a controversial speech about Hinduism and the historic figure Raja Raja Cholan to a Dalit-majority crowd.

Following the speech which many claimed had the potential of causing caste clashes, the hashtag #PrayForMentalRanjith went viral online.

Now, BJP member Gayathri Raghuram, who doesn't agree with Pa Ranjith's stand has posted a reply. Check out her post here: