Local singer-songwriter Yuna has donned traditional Indian attire Lengha and jewellery, in her video for her latest number "(Not) The Love Of My Life."

The singer, who is based in the US, also features traditional Indian choreographer Harshini Sukumaran and other Indian dancers, in the self-directed video.

According to Yuna, whose real name is Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, '(Not) The Love Of My Life' tells a story of a bride in the midst of getting ready for her wedding but is second guessing her decision to settle down.

"I went back to Malaysia and wanted to collaborate again with my friend and traditional Indian coreographer Harshini Sukumaran whom I've worked with in the 'Forevermore' music video. I was also blessed to have collaborated with other talents and business owners, who live and breathe within the Indian wedding industry, as they help me breathe so much beauty and insight in what we were creating.

"Back home we all partake in each other’s culture in a very loving and respectful way which I feel is very unique... and in (N)TLOML I was very blessed to be able to share that part of my life with the world. I’m not the main star of this video, they are. I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to direct my first music video, but it would not be possible without the consultation, support, and most importantly, love from the Malaysian Indian community," she had written on the description of the video on Youtube.

The song is featured in Yuna's new album Rouge, in which she has also collaborated with artists like Tyler The Creator, Little Simz, and G-Eazy, among others.

The video has received overwhelmingly positive response from netizens, with some saying they have not only fallen in love with Yuna's look in traditional Indian clothing, but the concept of the video in general.

It is more commendable that an artist of Yuna's stature has incorporate Indian culture in her video, and even more impressive is her attribution to the Indian community in the making of the video.

What do you think of the video? Watch and decide for yourself.

Source: Astro Awani, Youtube
Photo/video source: Youtube