Shruti Haasan Opens Up About Her Life After Break Up

  • 12 Jun 2019

In a recent interview, actress Shruti Haasan opened up about being in the happiest stage of her life.

She said, "I'm the happiest I've been. You know a lot of people, like when I had decided to take a break, were thinking that why is she doing this but I made the best decision, I think. I prioritize my happiness first.

"It's like smelling perfumes...if you smell too many of them and if you don't take a break, you won't know what smells like what. Life is like that it keeps going on until you don't step away and take a minute to can't decide how you want to go about with all things."

She also revealed that despite being a romantic person at heart, she is also an independent woman.

"I'm a very romantic person inside and I have realised that only as I have grown older. But I'm also not, I really need my space, so I think that's quite unromantic. I'm romantic in a sense like I love to feel strongly for somebody, but if I don't feel strongly then I'm like whatever.

"If you would disappear tomorrow, it wouldn't matter. I love to feel strongly for the person I'm attracted to. I'm romantic in the head, but then I like my space."

In the same interview, she revealed her thoughts about marriage: "As it is I'm afraid of marriage, and then with the rumours of Shruti is getting married, I was panicking. I was like don't do this to me."


Shruti Haasan and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Michael, unfortunately could not sustain a long-distance relationship. Michael even announced it on Twitter because there were rumours that they were going to be engaged.

He tweeted, "Life has just kept us on opposite sides of the globe unfortunately and so we have to walk solo paths it seems. But this young lady will always be my best mate. So grateful to always have her as a friend. Luv ya gal (sic)"

Source: India Today
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