Is Savitri's Biopic 'Nadigaiyar Thilagam' Based On Gossip Or Reality?

  • 22 May 2018

Nadigaiyar Thilagam is a recent box office movie which depicts the biopic of the famous actress Savitri, a story of the rise and fall of a great actress.

The lead role was played by none other than Keerthi Suresh, who've done a great justice in playing the character of 'Nadigaiyar Thilagam' Savitri and received tremendous praise. Meanwhile, Savitri's late husband 'Kadhal Mannan' Gemini Ganesan's role was bagged by the charming Dulquer Salman.

This wonderful movie without a doubt brings back the olden day memories to life, however, is the story based on the reality or some of the facts were tweaked to glorify the actress?

"Unsure where the reality ends and the fiction begins," says Gemini Ganesan's daughter.

It's undeniable that Savitri was a great actress who came from a humble background and rose to fame due to her spectacular talent. She was a great actress that many envies and she was also well known for being kind-hearted.

But her life took another turn after her marriage with Gemini Ganesan started breaking apart, where she became an alcoholic.

Despite being a box office hit, the film received criticism over its biased script written by Madhan Karky Vairamuthu, which makes us wonder if the biopic was written based on a proper research or merely on the gossips that were making rounds during those days.

Even though it was the biopic of Savitri, the portrayal of other significant characters in her life was given less importance in the movie. More depths should have given to the character of Savitri's late husband Gemini Ganesan and his first wife Alamelu.

What the director missed in the movie is that there are always two sides to a story! They managed to capture Savitri's side of the story well on screen, but was Gemini Ganesan's side of the story precise? If yes, the story wouldn't have been biased and one-sided.

As much as Savitri, Gemini Ganesan was also a famous star during that time, on par with M.G Ramachandran, Nageshwara Rao and Sivaji Ganesan, with a huge fan base. But this was not highlighted in the movie and was portrayed as though he was less famous then Savitri.

After the release of the movie, Gemini Ganesan's daughter, Dr Kamala Selvaraj showed her dissatisfaction on the one-sided biopic which negatively portrayed her father, as well as failed to capture the emotions of her biological mother Alamelu.

We all knew that there's a reason why Gemini Ganesan was called the Kathal Mannan and the affairs he had while being married. However, that gives no rights to the filmmakers to falsify the facts.

Savitri married Gemini Ganesan knowing he's married, however, don't you think her downfall was mainly caused by her own personal choices?

The movie portrayed as though Gemini Ganesan is the reason why Savitri became an alcoholic. But, the first wife of Gemini Ganesan was heartbroken to find out that her husband had remarried a famous actress, however, did not turn into consuming alcohol. He could have influenced Alamelu to consume alcohol, but he didn't. According to Dr Kamala - Gemini Ganesan's daughter, it was Savitri's personal choice to consume alcohol and Gemini Ganesan should not be blamed for it.

To add on to this, she also claimed that the scene involving Alamelu, Gemini Ganesan and Savitri isn't accurate, as Alamelu wasn't supportive of the marriage and her emotions were not even captured on screen. 

She further added that Savitri had multiple relationships and one of them was Gemini Ganesan. And after she had passed away, Gemini Ganesan's first wife Alamelu permitted the final rites of Savitri in her own home. Such important parts of Savitri's life are missing from her own biopic.

Even though the film is a biopic of Savitri, yet the researchers should have spoken to Gemini Ganesan's family to know his side of the story before portraying his character negatively. After all, this is not a fictional story, but the real-life story which reflects the real people. 

At the same time, it was a little disappointing that Sivaji Ganesan was only a passing mention in the movie, with whom Savitri scored quite a number of hit movies. And how can Savitri's biopic be complete without the mention of lyricist Kannadasan who pronounced Savitri as the Nadigaiyar Thilagam and Sivaji Ganesan as Nadigar Thilagam?

Nadigaiyar Thilagam is indeed a good attempt to bring the real-life story of the amazing actress Savitri to reel! But do you think there are attempts to mismatch the facts to glorify the actress? Share your thoughts with us...

Image credit: IndiaGlitz, TheIndianExpress, JustDial, Ibtimes, DnaIndia and EanadulIndia

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