Kolamaavu Kokila: Nayanthara is the Lady Superstar of Kollywood!

  • 23 Aug 2018


According to Wikipedia, in Kolamaavu Kokila, 'Nayanthara plays an ordinary girl who gets caught in a smuggling ring and how she wriggles out of the situation using her intelligence forms the crux of the story.' 

Our Thoughts:

Simply put, Kolamaavu Kokila is a plan well-executed. With a fresh and engaging storyline, director Nelson Dilipkumar has effectively capitalised on Nayanthara's star power. 

From the start of the movie, Nayanthara's screen presence and dialogue delivery were incredible! Her bold replies to the patriarchal behavior of the people around her brought subtle women empowerment into the scenes. 

Kolamaavu Kokila also did absolute justice to its genre, Dark Comedy and we loved most of the comic sequences by Yogi Babu and his little apprentice. However, after a point, the scenes seemed repetitive, with Yogi Babu trying to woo Nayanthara and another youngster who's love-struck with Nayanthara's sister joined him as well.

Despite keeping the scenes very raw and real throughout, it was a little disappointing to see Nayanthara's simple-minded, middle-class family taking on thugs and gangsters in the climax. From the killings to the scenes of salt-sugar-cocaine confusion, it was very unrealistic to watch these drug mafias get fooled so easily. Or maybe they underestimated Nayanthara and her family!

What We Loved:

Nayanthara's acting, top-notch cinematography, Anirudh's background score and Saranya's comic timing 

Not a Big Fan of:

Draggy climax, less screen space for other characters, Nayanthara's outfit (don't be surprised) and Aranthangi Nisha's guest appearance 


We're giving this dark comedy crime 3.5/5 mainly because of the visible effort by the director and the crew in giving attention to the details that elevated the entire experience of watching the movie. Don't miss it and if you are a Nayanthara fan, this movie will make you love her even more!

Photo Credit: IBTimes, Tea Talk & Indian Express

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