3 Actors Who Played Older Men in Films

  • 02 May 2019

Some actors aren’t afraid to change their look when the role requires them to. Not only do they end up spending hours in the makeup chair getting heavier makeup applied on them but they’d even wear prosthetics too. Below are three men who decided to change their look for the sake of the film.

Kamal Haasan in “Indian 2”

The legendary actor is 64 years old but in the film that will be released in 2020, he plays a 90 year old man. To bring Senapathy to life, director Shankar has employed Legacy Effects, an American special effects studio to work on Kamal Haasan.

In an interview, Shankar said “I had goosebumps seeing Kamal sir in the Indian thatha look. I’m so excited and looking forward to seeing how the audience react to seeing this character after 25 years.”

Dhanush in “Asuran” 

The 35 year old actor will be playing dual roles in the film. He will be playing both father and son that is set in two periods, the 1960s and the 1980s.

Dhanush’s personal makeup artist, Raja, had created the look of the older character for the film.

Vijay Sethupathi in “Seethakaathi”

41 year old Sethupathi had played a 75 year old veteran theatre actor in this film. Director Baaji Tharaneetharan said that Oscar winning makeup artists Kevin Haney and Alex Nobel had helped to transform the middle aged actor.

“Vijay Sethupathi and I had flown to Los Angeles to meet the makeup artists to get the mould and wig designed for this prosthetic makeup. It took Vijay almost four hours to don this makeup and one hour to get it removed.”

Photo Source: Times of India & Moviecrow