Dhanya is the First Female Member of the Rajkumar Family to Act

  • 11 Jun 2019

The legendary actor, Rajkumar's granddaughter, Dhanya Ramkumar, has decided to try her hand at acting. She will be making her debut in a romantic comedy alongside Suraj Gowda in a Kannada film.

Dhanya revealed how she got the role, "The team got in touch with me and narrated the script. My mother and I heard it and I thought it was extremely relatable. I could see myself doing what the character was doing."

When asked if she always wanted to act, she said, "Deep down, I always wanted to be an actor, but I never opened up about it. None of the women in my family had come forward with acting aspirations. I'd studied media studies and worked for a year in PR before this. But, I wasn't really satisfied, so I thought I'd ask my mum about entering films."

"I would be facing pressure even if I weren't a girl. I'm sure my brother (Dhereen) faces the same amount of pressure and the same goes with my cousins Vinay and Yuva. But me being the first girl, it might add a bit of nerve, if not pressure. But I'm taking it in my stride and I'd say it's more exciting than scary," Dhanya described about the pressures of getting into the acting business.

She also said that she'd like to do more films which will have an impact on society. She states that her grandfather is her all-time favourite actor, and that she admires Alia Bhatt and Jodie Foster for their acting skills.

She spoke about her fondest memory of her grandfather saying, "I have tonnes of special memories of my grandpa. But one that I'll always cherish is how he would remember what I'd like to eat and if he was eating it, he'd call out to me and feed me."

Source: The News Minute
Photo Credit: The News Minute

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