Can you believe what kids can do with their eyes closed? Recognizing bank notes, sketching images, drawing Kolam designs, and completing puzzles in just one minute!

In a remarkable display of cognitive prowess, 13 students from Achievers Mind Academy have etched their names into the Amazing Malaysian Book of Records. These extraordinary children showcase a diverse array of capabilities, from recognising bank notes to completing complex puzzles, all within the span of just one minute.

The development of letter recognition skills among toddlers and preschoolers lays the foundation for future literacy and communication abilities. Under the guidance of Master Alagan Govindan, founder of Achievers Mind Academy, these young achievers have undergone months of dedicated preparation and perseverance to attain their remarkable feats.

Master Alagan, an esteemed professional with an MSc in Training and Development from Leicester University, UK, has been instrumental in nurturing the talents of his students. With 28 years of experience in training individuals across various fields, his expertise in memory enhancement programs has empowered students to effortlessly master memory skills and overcome challenges.

Congratulations to these exceptional students for their outstanding achievements and to Master Alagan for his invaluable mentorship and guidance.

Source / Image Credit : Achievers Mind Academy