Thirteen-year-old Divyana Prasath has set a new Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) milestone by identifying 86 international flags in one minute. The record was achieved after three attempts in the category for identifying the most international flags by a child, held at Nilai Impian Secondary School.

Divyana, the youngest of two siblings, developed an interest in international flags through YouTube at the age of 11 and aspires to become a geologist. "At home, I can usually identify around 140 to 150 flags per minute, but today I felt the pressure. I am thrilled to have set this record and thank my family and teachers for their unwavering support. I have a strong passion for geography," she stated.

Divyana is particularly fascinated by geography programs on YouTube and hopes to travel the world someday, gaining knowledge about various countries, including Ecuador in South America.

Her mother, S. Tenagari, mentioned that she and her husband, S. Prasath, are aware of their son's unique interest. "While other parents might worry about their children watching random content on YouTube, our son uses the platform to learn about general science and nationalism. He watches educational content about populations, cultures, and currencies of different countries," she explained.

MBR Record Senior Consultant Edwin Yeoh noted that Divyana's achievement of identifying 86 flags is the highest recorded, surpassing the previous record of 40 to 50 flags identified by other children.

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Source / Image Credit : Astro Awani