Deepavali holds a significant meaning to Malaysians and is a wonderful celebration that lights up the home holistically and spiritually. It is a festival that instils purification, peace, love, togetherness and simply enjoying every second of life. Commonly, families will go through a process of cleansing and decorating areas within their home with bright colours and lamps to illuminate the space, ready for the gathering of friends and family to celebrate. As the environment of our homes plays a key role during the “Festival of Lights”, here are some tips on getting your home ready for the festivities!

1. Brighten up your home with a splash of bold colours!
Bold yet sophisticated, the AROMATISK collection is inspired by bright colours and organic patterns. Its design is deep-rooted in traditional crafts such as edge embroidery, block printing, indigo dyeing and marigold flowers.
So, spruce up your home with a lively expression to freshen up every nook and corner and make your home feel brighter. Think of changing up items such as cushions, drapes, and tableware. Choose vibrant colours such as blue, yellow, purple, fuchsia, and gold to add a pop of colour to the home.

2. Get Your Mystique on At Home .

Lighting up your home space gives a special meaning to Deepavali. It is a custom to keep homes brightly lit to liven up the spirit of this festivity. To evoke a touch of mystique, place the AROMATISK brass bowls and golden decoration bowls filled with fragrant flowers and tea candles to illuminate the living room area.

3. Declutter and bring good vibes to your home
The festival, which is a time of joy and prosperity to those who celebrate, is an opportunity to reconnect, cook traditional delicacies, and give your homes a fresh makeover. Why not refresh your home simply by decluttering and adding a breath of fresh air with statement décor pieces from the AROMATISK collection!

Did you know that decluttering is a crucial step in giving your home space a “cleanse” as you clear out the old to bring in the new?

Rearranging your household items and organising your items with proper storage solutions in place will elevate the aura of your home just before the festivities. Here are some must-have items to help declutter and liven up your home!

Keep your spaces spick and span with storage solutions!

Don’t forget to check cleaning your common areas off your to-do list!

Ready your home for your guests with decorative pieces!