It's the season of love.

Every nook and corner of social media is filled with messages of love and everlasting commitment. While you are binge-watching rom-com movies in your pajamas, your family and friends are setting couple goals. Admit it! It's that time of year again when some singles dread it the most.

Did you know that some relationship gurus believe that Valentine's Day is overrated, if that makes a difference? It's about everything but love!

Stress-free February!

Without a doubt, Valentine's Day is one of the most expensive dates for most couples, and the stress of arranging it is ridiculous. Why set aside a day for love and stress yourself out for weeks trying to make that one day perfect when you can express love and care every day (without the worry)?

Consider yourself lucky since you'll be dodging the immense pressure that comes with planning a perfect Valentine's Day dinner.

No Expectations, No Disappointments!

According to a study conducted by DNA India, 50 percent of Australian couples argue on Valentine's Day. The expectations of having a perfect day have never been greater, with many fresh articles popping online proposing 'Best Gifts for Her' or 'Valentine Treats for Him.'

Imagine spending a month preparing to wow your loved ones, only to be disappointed when you don't bring their favorite flowers or dessert. Hell no to that!

Avoid Burning a Hole in Your Pockets!

The month of February is all about love...and overpriced roses. For years, V-day has been more commercialized, and the day to celebrate love comes at a high cost. It's only natural to compare your relationships with others in the era of social media, particularly while scrolling through posts about their 10-course meal with wine overlooking the sea.

In truth, social media portrays a distorted view of love and happiness as it does not accurately reflect everyone's relationship. Overexpectations may often ruin a relationship since simple acts of love are no longer enough to make someone feel cherished.

Practice Self-Love & Self-Care

Given that you won't be spending all of your money on Valentine's Day, maybe it's time to treat yourself to a delicious meal or a present. Giving oneself a gift now and again is a beautiful gesture of self-love.

This is the perfect opportunity to try on a handbag or a smart watch you've been eyeing. On Valentine's Day, make yourself happy.

Join Other Singles in Celebrating

You're not alone; there are plenty of other singles in town. Isn't it wonderful to get out with your single buddies and chill out over a few drinks?

Meeting singles on Valentine's Day should be a thing because who knows you better than those who have been in your shoes? You may even meet someone new!

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