Womenfolk have always been busy looking after their families.

The latest generation of women have even gone a few steps further by not only just taking care of their families, but working hard to ease their families' financial burden and carve their own career paths.

But how about taking care of their health?

Yoga has provided some tremendous benefits for women, as evident in the increasing number of ladies who are taking up the art. Here are 5 quick reasons why women should learn yoga.

1. Yoga improves your mood, makes you happy and calm

Yoga forms, including asana (body posture) practices, pranayama (breathing) and meditation, helps improve your mood. Asanas, for example, help in better blood circulation and increase endorphines, aka the 'happy' hormones. Proper breathing techniques pump in more oxygen to the brain and improve a person's mood. Meditation is known to make one calmer and better in making a decision. A happy you are the key to a happy family!

2. Yoga makes you flexible

One common misconception about yoga is that it is only for a flexible person. In fact, practicing yoga can make a 'super' stiff person more flexible and increase endorphins and the flow of blood, improves posture, increases physical and mental relaxation, releases muscle tension and soreness, and reduces the risk of injury, and more. This itself is an interesting topic to explore further, especially for ageing women.

3. Yoga increases your confidence

Yoga asanas contract your core stabilizing muscles, thus making you stand taller, so you look healthier and more confident. If you are looking at the possibility of growing taller, then do yoga! Besides that, good posture too can also make you look thinner. When you are taller, thinner, stand confidently, you are more active and energetic to do more.

4. Better sleep/ rest

Yoga is the medicine for those having trouble to sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, yoga on a daily basis can help a person fall asleep faster, get longer sleep, and return to sleep more quickly if awoken in the middle of the night. Reports show rgar women in pre-menopause and post-menopausal stages are the ones facing the most problems in falling asleep. They are less satisfied with their sleep, and as many as 61% report suffering from imsomnia symptoms. Yoga can improve these symptoms when performed regularly.

5. Yoga makes you look beautiful

Have you wondered why yoga instructors look more radiant and "glowy"? Well, that's because in addition to making you breathe easier and chill out, yoga does some pretty incredible things for your body, from the inside out. Since yoga makes you happy, confident, fell good about your surroundings, increases blood flow and oxygen intake, you will look radiant as a bonus!

With regular yoga practices of pranayama and meditation, you will reverse the signs of ageing, including wrinkles, saggy skin, crow's feet, and fine lines, among others. Yoga will also bring awareness that beauty is not just about how you look but how you feel.

Why wait? Do yoga now!

Nizha Periaswamy is a yoga instructor and freelance writer.

Photo source: Shakti School of Yoga