Women are being subjected to physical violence and emotional stress as we speak now. Many are afraid to speak up fearing the social stigma that surrounds female victims or simply because they can't muster up the courage. These are 5 vital signs that a woman is being abused by a partner or someone close:

1. Grows Apart from Family and Friends

Once a cheerful, fun-loving person and now she's quiet and has grown apart from her loved ones. This is the first sign. Abuse victims often try to avoid their family and friends in the fear of getting caught (with bruises).

2. Seems Lonely, Withdrawn and Easily Scared

This shows that the woman lacks a sense of security, possibly as a result of constant physical violence. Notice if the change in behaviour is recent and not a part of their original personality.

3. Tries to Cover Up Bruises

A common one, but people fail to realise that even a friendly and cheerful woman can be an abuse victim who is covering up the bruises with long sleeves and thick foundation. Look closely for bruises in the neck area, hands, and face.

4. Consumes Alcohol, Sleeping Pills or Heavy Medication

No every woman who consumes alcohol or heavy medication are being abused. But, if it became a routine after a certain change in life (marriage, change of work/school), then you need to be wary of other signs as well.

5. Always Sick and Misses School, Work or Social Gatherings/Parties

This is also a common sign. Please make sure to not intimidate them with questions. Instead, try to dig in for answers subtly by asking to visit them personally and have a face-to-face conversation.

It can be your mother, sister, daughter! It can even be you. As long as you keep quiet, the abuse is not 'happening' in the eyes of the law and the public. Speak up and call if you encounter violence against women at any place!

It was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25th November 2018. Here's a special coverage by Astro Seithigal in conjunction with the day:

Photo Credit: Awareness Days, Tehran Times & Geo TV