Generally, men are known to be less romantic than women, which is acceptable on a common day. But it's the other way around when it comes to Valentine's Day!

Messing up on Valentine's Day can cause serious trouble to one's relationship, thus, we have suggestions of what men meed to avoid to save themselves from their better half's wrath, at least until the next Valentine.

So, here are the top five Valentine's Day DON'Ts fformen:

1. Do not forget about Valentine's Day. We repeat! Do not forget about Valentine's Day!

2. Kitchen appliances don't fall under the category of romantic gifts; pampering got nothing to do with cooking.

3. There's nothing exciting about a generic Valentine's Day card; a simple, meaningful note on the card can make it special.

4. Stop meddling with your phone or playing games; Leave your phone aside and spend some quality time together.

5. Don't talk about your ex; If you do so, you might end up becoming single almost instantly!

Photo credit: Voilave, buzzfeed, askideas, mid day, Thegloss and crappypictures