Witness the beautiful bond of sibling compassion as Malaysian father, Arif, melts hearts with his heartwarming video capturing the daily routine of his two children at school. The video showcased Arif's 5-year-old son, Aairil, attentively assisting his 7-year-old sister, Aaira, who is diagnosed with autism.

Aairil stayed patience as he knelt to help Aaira put on her shoes, adjusting them meticulously to ensure her comfort. Subsequently, he handed her school bag and guided her out of the school premises, holding her hand with care.

Having said that, Arif expressed gratitude for his younger son's understanding and support for his special sister through his post.

“Thank God for a younger brother who understands that his sister is special,” wrote Arif in the caption of his post.
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The routine, born out of a sibling bond, reflects the family's daily practice, where Aairil greets Aaira at her classroom door and accompanies her to the car. We couldn't hold our tears while watching the clip earlier.

As the video resonated widely, with online viewers commending Aairil for his empathy and care towards his sister, illustrating the profound impact of sibling relationships in understanding and supporting unique needs.

Source / Image Credit : World Of Buzz, muhammadarifadnan90