Marriage is just about marrying the man you love but even the family he is part of. Getting along with your mother-in-law is an important aspect of an Indian marriage.

There are those who hit the jackpot, while others? Well, not so lucky.We list down the several types of mother-in-law.

Can you recognise yours?

The mother-in-law who hates you

She pretends to like you in front of your spouse but acts horrible to you in private. In short, she just HATES you.

The one who doesn’t think you’re good enough

‘’My child could have done better’’, ‘’I never imagined a spouse like you for my child’’ are the types of comment you will commonly hear from your mother-in-law. What’s worst! She won't think twice to say the same to you in front of others.

The one who thinks she is the BOSS

Your mother-in-law seems to have an opinion for everything. She directly commands you to do things her way and even pretends not to be demanding. This type of mother-in-law will ‘teach’ you how to decorate your house, raise your children and will not ask you for your opinion. She flatly gives you orders, in which you must follow, whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

The influencing/manipulating mother-in-law

She can get very influential in your household choices, money and even life in general.

Sometimes, whether she realizes it or not, your mother-in-law emotionally blackmails her child to get him/her to do what she wants and if you ever raise an issue over the smallest thing, get ready to face some drama.

The jealous mother-in-law

Losing her child to you is what makes her jealous. This is due to her overprotective nature or the idea that her child will no longer care or love his/her mother. She has nothing against you but winning such a mother-in-law is quite challenging.

The Busybody

Your mother-in-law is the type who wants to know everything about your daily life. She needs to know if her child came home late, when you are having a baby, who pays the monthly bills and every other detail about your life.

The Dream mother-in-law

She accepts you, supports you, loves you, cares for you, understand you and is not too busybody. Congratulations if you have found the dream mother-in-law!

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