Today marks the beginning of Aadi Month - the auspicious night of the Gods!

What makes it even more special is that in 2023, we get to witness Aadi Ammavasai twice in the month of Aadi - today (17th July) and 16th August.

What is Aadi Ammavasai all about?

Aadi Ammavasai is a special day to connect to your innermost self. It's the dark, or waning, phase of every lunar month, and this period is especially conducive to connecting with your Higher Self. The New Moon Day - Ammavasai - is the perfect time to reach out to your ancestors and facilitate communication. During this time ancestral souls visit the Earth.

Best time to honour ancestors & seek their blessings

It's that time of the year again - the time to honour and remember our ancestors with Tarpanam. Indeed it is one of the most important days to perform this special ritual, as it is believed that it helps liberate our ancestors and allows them to ascend to higher planes.

How do you perform Aadi Amavasai Pooja at home?

The special priests who perform rituals at specific holy rivers or water bodies are an essential part of the traditions that have been passed down for generations.

However, Dr. Pillai suggests a simple method for ancestral rituals, or tarpanam, that can be easily performed at home during the waning Moon phases preceding Amavasya to receive the blessings of our ancestors. This method of tarpanam is an efficient and convenient way to connect to our lineage and honour our ancestors.
Astrological Significance of Aadi AmmavasaiSource / Image Credit : Dailycalendartamil , AstroVed, Tamilabplive, Maalaimalar, Hindu Tamil News