Aadi Chevvai (Tuesdays in Aadi month), is a significant day in the Tamil calendar, particularly for women who worship the goddess Durga. It is believed to be an auspicious time to seek the blessings of the goddess and ensure the well-being and happiness of family members.

During the month of Aadi, unmarried women visit Durga temples and perform special rituals. They seek the goddess's blessings to find a suitable life partner or a husband, while married women pray to the goddess for marital bliss and longer lives for their husbands. Some women also observe partial or full fasts on this day as a form of devotion.

One of the fasting traditions associated with Aadi Chevvai is called "Ovvai Nonbu." As part of this Vratham, devotees abstain from certain foods and consume only specific items. One common Prasatham(offering) prepared for this occasion is kozhukattai, a sweet dumpling made with rice flour and jaggery.

Temples play a significant role in the celebration of Aadi Chevvai. The idols of Goddess Parvati, in various forms such as Durga or Chamundeswari, are adorned and decorated beautifully. Devotees offer prayers and seek the blessings of the goddess during this time.

In some households, there is a tradition of preparing special dishes such as Manjal Pongal (a rice dish cooked with turmeric) and Thalagam (a mixed vegetable curry) on Aadi Chevvai. These dishes are served to young girls, considering them to be embodiments of the goddess Devi.

Source: Universal Divine Art